AQUA-LIT, new EU project on marine litter!

Last year, the European Commission under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, launched the Sustainable Blue Economy call focused on 4 strands:

  • Strand 1: Demonstration & market,
  • Strand 2: Fighting marine litter,
  • Strand 3: Blue networks in the Mediterranean and
  • Strand 4: Restoring marine ecosystems in the Mediterranean.


Source: EC


In total, there were 22 new sustainable blue projects selected, composed by 104 companies from 22 countries and sharing €15.1 million.


One of the 5 projects funded under marine litter is AQUA-LIT, a two-year project which main objective is to provide the aquaculture sector with a toolbox of innovative ideas and methodologies that can showcase existing, upcoming and already implemented tools, case studies, best practices, a database and links between stakeholders to address the 3 main components of marine littering:

  • Prevention & reduction,
  • Monitoring & quantification, and
  • Removal & recycling.


Given its potential for aquaculture growth, the toolbox will be focused mainly on three sea basins: the Mediterranean, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea regions.



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