7th Sustainable Ocean Summit
Start date: 2019.11.19
End date: 2019.10.21

The 7th Sustainable Ocean Summit (SOS) will convene in Paris, 20 – 22 Nov 2019.

With the theme of “Investing in Ocean Futures: Finance and Innovation for the Blue Economy”, the SOS 2019 will be the foremost international ocean business conference dedicated to investment and innovation for sustainable development.

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Ocean Knowledge 2019
Start date: 2019.11.19
End date: 2019.11.19

The Oceans of Knowledge conference series considers the operational use of ocean observations and technologies. Now in its third edition, the 2019 conference will focus on the specific role of ocean observations in identifying and mitigating future risks to ocean uses and facilitating a sustainable blue economy.

The conference will be held at The Royal Institution - London, UK -  on the 20th of November 2019.

More info at https://www.imarest.org/events/category/categories/imarest-event/oceans-of-knowledge-2019

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