8 ways to rebuild a stronger ocean economy after COVID-19

The World Economic Forum published an article about how the pandemic offers an opportunity to reboot a more sustainable blue economy.

Image: Isha@Seefromthesky on Unsplash

Some of the COVID-19 stimulus packages that are being designed to recover land-based industries and communities are exploring ways to leapfrog forwards into greener modes of operation. However, little is being considered for bluer modes of operations. Similar opportunities, however, await us in our ocean and on our coasts.

The World Economic Forum proposes eight pathways for rebuilding an ocean economy that is both stronger and more sustainable after COVID-19.

  1. Bluer blue tourism
  2. Reducing shipping emissions
  3. Avoid squandering a post-COVID-19 fish bounty
  4. Supporting our mariners - delivery truck drivers of the sea
  5. Stay the course on ocean parks
  6. Farming the sea to feed billions
  7. Digitizing our ocean
  8. Don’t prey on the moment


"COVID-19 has exposed just how profoundly linked our economies and wellbeing are to the ocean. These actions illustrate the need to inject more blue into COVID-19 discussions of ‘green recovery’. We cannot miss a chance in the times ahead to benefit both people and our ocean as we bring our sustainable blue economy back online".


Read the details and full article here.