Barriers & Solutions to Tackle Marine Litter!

After assessing all the results obtained from our workshops in the Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea and the North Sea, we have for you the barriers faced by aquaculture stakeholders and the solutions proposed by them to overcome them!

Between October 2019 and February 2020, we carried out four workshops and more than 15 interviews to understand the main barriers that aquaculture stakeholders face regarding marine litter. These stakeholders were divided into 12 categories according to the sector they belong to. Below you can see the representation of all them across our three sea basins. 

 The full reports for each sea basin will be published soon, but we wanted to share with you already the summary results from the three learning labs.




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Barriers & Solutions detailed 

If you are interested in the meaning of each of the mentioned icons in the infographics, then we recommend you to download our summary report where each of these barriers and solutions is explained. 

Click in the image below to download it.