Let’s Make the Black Sea Blue!

AQUA-LIT will participate in the panel discussion "Advancing ocean literacy" together with other projects. Check the details here!


If you missed our presentation, here is a summary made by EU4Ocean:

Advancing ocean literacy around the topics relevant to the Black Sea, a session dedicated to EU4Ocean Platform Working Groups

During these sessions, representatives of the Working groups presented the activities of the thematic Group „Healthy Ocean” and „Ocean and Climate” of the EU4Ocean. Coordinators and representatives of several projects (EMBLAS, ANEMONE, Marliter, RedMarLiter , LitOUTer, AQUA-LIT) implemented in the Black Sea region speak about Ocean literacy in the Marine litter projects, the focus on the region being on this hot topic that represents a focus for all riparian countries. Futures Ocean Literacy activities in the Black Sea, that are coming in the next years were presented from DOORS and BRIDGE projects.

Key messages and outcomes:

  • We all know that is a global concern, with shared responsibility and the impacts are manifold and include waste safety, food security, economic, ecosystem to mention just a few. But the magnitude of marine waste is not fully known or understood. For this, we need to collaborate, dialogue with all stakeholders, create new partnerships and innovate actions.
  • We must make people aware of ocean problems, we need to spread knowledge about sources of pollution, quantify, reduce, and in the end to remove pollutants from the Black Sea. Citizens shall be involved, and we must provide clear, translated, and detailed information, to build initiatives and improve accessibility to resources.
  • Another important conclusion is that youth is called on board to be engaged. The new actions will strengthen youth knowledge of the local environment, by addressing Blue Growth issues and ocean literacy. They will act as multipliers.

You can check the summaries for other sessions here


From Ocober29th to November 5th, EU4Ocean will be hosting the event "Let’s #MakeBlackSeaBlue" and AQUA-LIT will be there too!

If you are interested in hearing AQUA-LIT discuss together with the projects EMBLAS, Anemone, RedMarLiter, LitOUTer, and Marliter how to advance ocean literacy in the Black Sea, then you can already register here and check out the agenda. 

We hope to see you there!