European Maritime Day 2022 - Women in the Blue Economy panel

The European Maritime Day took place in Ravenna, Italy last May 19-20th and we were there to discuss the importance of creating opportunities for Women in the Blue Economy in the frame of the launching of CINEA's call in the subject. 

Check out the summary video we prepared for you with the main discussions. 

The invited panelists included our coordinator Mariana Mata Lara, representing the face of youth in the Blue Economy sector, Rebecca Pogni, representing the research world, Chiara Petrioli representing the entrepreneur world of Blue Economy and Massimo Caccia representing robotics. 


Mariana highlighted the importance of Ocean Literacy to encourage women and girls in the sector, to bring opportunities at all levels, and to narrow the gender gap. 

Check out the video with the main interventions from the panelists!