Working with the aquaculture sector to prevent marine litter from entering the sea


Establishing long-term collaborations in marine research and open science

AQUA-LIT, together with the H2020 projects EuroSea, Jonas and JERICO, signed a cooperation agreement with Blue-Cloud to cooperate in key initiatives in coastal monitoring, noise prevention, aquaculture and ocean forecasting systems.

AQUA-LIT in CINEA's Cluster story: Ocean Health and Observation

A healthy ocean is a fundamental prerequisite for a thriving blue economy.

Data and observation are of the essence to achieve and maintain good environmental status. The EMFF has funded several projects addressing environmental concerns such as marine litter, oil spills, chemical pollution, etc, including AQUA-LIT project. 

European Maritime Day 2022 - Women in the Blue Economy panel

The European Maritime Day took place in Ravenna, Italy last May 19-20th and we were there to discuss the importance of creating opportunities for Women in the Blue Economy in the frame of the launching of CINEA's call in the subject. 

Check out the summary video we prepared for you with the main discussions. 


Aquaculture Europe 2021

Aquaculture Europe '21 "Oceans of Opportunity" is around the corner and we'll be there presenting our toolbox for managing Marine Litter in the Aquaculture sector.

Keep posted for more updates, or if you're planning on going, see you in Madeira! 

Sustainable Blue Economy: a systemic approach to tackle Marine Litter

On the International Day of Women and Girls in Science, EMFF hosted the final meeting with AQUA-LIT, Blue Net, Net Tag, marGnet and Ocean nets. And what better way to celebrate both things, than by having all coordinators being women! 

If you want to read how the event went visit:

Sealogy - Conference on Blue Economy

AQUA-LIT will present in the Marine Litter session its work carried out so far with the aquaculture sector, and will give a preview of the upcoming toolbox! 

If you are intrigued and would like to be of the first one's in checking it out, then don't miss this opportunity! 

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