Barriers & Solutions to Tackle Marine Litter!
After assessing all the results obtained from our workshops in the Mediterranean Sea, Baltic Sea and the North Sea, we have for you the barriers faced by aquaculture stakeholders and the solutions proposed by them to overcome them!
Celebrating the Big Blue

Sir Arthur Charles Clarke once said: “How inappropriate to call this planet Earth when it is quite clearly Ocean?”

By: Aleksandra Zivanovic

AQUA-LIT Gadgets find an alternative interesting use!

The recent state of pandemic forced the use of disposable personal protective equipment. If not disposed of properly, these items can be a threat to the environment. But you can still find your sustainable solution!

Thermaikos Gulf: successful seabed clean-up in Greece

Operations for seabed cleaning from aquaculture mussel nets started in May in Chalastra, Greece.

8 ways to rebuild a stronger ocean economy after COVID-19
The World Economic Forum published an article about how the pandemic offers an opportunity to reboot a more sustainable blue economy.
AQUA-LIT is winner of the EU in My Region photo contest!
Click to see our winning photo and to have a chance to win a price too!
Blue Manifesto
The Roadmap to a Healthy Ocean in 2030.
EU adopts emergency aid for aquaculture and fisheries
The European Commission welcomes launched the 2020 European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) pre-financing process to mitigate the impact of coronavirus on the aquaculture and fisheries sectors.
Do you know who advises AQUA-LIT?
Read about the members of our Strategic Advisory Board.

AQUA-LIT Consortium gathered in Valencia the 5th and 6th of February at the ADEIT Foundation to discuss project progress and get prepared for the next steps of 2020.  

AQUA-LIT back at the European Maritime Day in 2020!
AQUA-LIT project teamed up with other 4 marine litter initiatives to deliver the marine pollution workshop. 
AQUA-LIT last Learning Lab for celebrating San Valentine day!

Last Friday 14th of February, AQUA-LIT team gathered 16 stakeholders in a virtual Learning Lab for discussing solutions and challenges of marine litter coming from aqaculture activities.